What to do

Walking on the beach is one of the best things you can do in Milagres. Explore the beaches both to the right and left sides of the Inn so you can walk past different kinds of landscapes on the Ecological Route. In the low tide period (better if in the new or full Moon), try to go on a timber rafting cruise to enjoy the natural pools. Separate a day to pay a visit to Projeto Peixe Boi (your Inn can arrange that for you because there is a limit to the number of visitors); you may get there either by timber rafting or buggy on the road. If you feel like visiting other beaches nearby, the best option is to hire a buggy driver that uses the highway once it is forbidden to drive on the beach itself. That, for sure, if you haven’t rented a car!


Buggy Drivers



+55 82 99103-5465


+55 82 99336-3452


+55 82 99311-6040/+55 82 99801-3239



+55 82 99133-1502/+55 82 99327-8066



+55 82 99977-0066/+55 82 99327-8066



Timber Rafting



+ 55 82 9176-5574


+ 55 82 99174-6768

+ 55 82 99195-5670

Beitola e Dodo

+ 55 82 99340-6008


+ 55 82 9336-6301