Flight Suggestions

You can find below some flight suggestions departing from London

and Washinghton DC.


Once we will have an unforgettable “Welcoming Drinks”, you might like to arrive on Friday (April 17th, 2020) when you will receive our welcomes at 4:00pm (more details on “Program”).


For those who won’t have a chance to stay longer, you may take a flight back on Wednesday (April 22nd, 2020) since the wedding party will go into the night up to Tuesday daybreak (April 21st, 2020), and we surely want you all to be with us throughout the party, so, be prepared!


We also ask you to, as soon as you schedule your flight, please confirm your presence at the R.S.V.P, by informing which flight and hotel you will be staying so we can manage a spreadsheet with the arrival of the guests.


If any of you wants to share cars or vans, please, mention that in the email so we can help you with the logistics.

Check all the tips by clicking on the tabs below.